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The goal of the GAP is to assist tribes in developing the capacity to plan and establish environmental protection programs and to develop and implement solid and hazardous waste programs in accordance with their individual needs.


In Keeping with Tribal Water Resource Department Mission Statement: Water is Sacred, We at the CCT/EPA department will work with the other Tribal Departments to protect and restore major watersheds on the Rocky Boy Reservation including: Big Sandy Creek, Box Elder Creek, and Beaver Creek. Additional input and support will be gathered from the community on the Rocky Boy’s Reservation is to manage, preserve, and enhance water resources, protecting the environment, and promoting a sustainable homeland.


CCT/EPA department through GAP is required to develop Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPPs) that meet with the EPA’s approval prior to collecting environmental measurements, such as sampling or analyzing soil, water, or air.


CCT/EPA GAP funds are used to develop specific environmental protection programs (e.g., tribal water quality monitoring programs). This includes developing program-specific Laws and Regulations such as the Tribal Environmental Protection Ordinance (TEPO), CCT Water Quality Standards (WQS), Wetland/Aquatic Land Protection Code (WALPC), Storm Water Pollution Plan (SWPP) and Ground Source Water Protection Ordinance (GSWPO) fulfilling prerequisites for being eligible for such grants.  The GAP has obtaining necessary technical skills to assist planning and establishing the Chippewa Cree Environmental Protection Office (EPO).


CCT/EPA GAP Has Built Core Environmental Protection Program Capacities for the following:


Administrative Capacities

Financial Management Capacities

Information Management Capacities

Baseline Needs Assessments

Public Participation, Community Involvement, Education, and Communication Capacities:

Legal Capacities

Technical and Analytical Capacities:

Building Tribal Water Quality Program Capacities

Establishing Tribal Water Quality Programs

Identifying Indicators of Water Quality Program Capacity

Framework for Tribal Water Program Strategic Planning and Development

Tribal Watershed Management Plan

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